1. snake-dad:

    we’ll we’ll we’ll if it isn’t autocorrect

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    you idiot

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    science tumblr why the hoobly boobly

    tectonic plates

    thank You

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    i wanna be a reverse tooth fairy where i rob people and then scatter human teeth on their bed

    a dentist

    i dont know what your dentist is doing to you but i think you need to go to the police

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  7. kansass:

    lets play a game called are u bad at texting back or do u hate me

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  8. the-time-goddess-of-221b:


    so my mum told me that as a kid she would peel an apple and throw the peel over her shoulder, and the peel would take the shape of the first letter of her future spouse. naturally, i decided to do it and


    i’m fucking crying 

    it says ‘no.’

    it literally says NO.

    oh my god

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  10. silent-dialogue:

    what the fuck this kid has better style than 99% of the male population

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